The Local 3599 Executive Board has partnered with the Hudson Valley Renegades to offer an exciting summer social event on Friday, September 2nd!  This will be the first social eve

Members of Local 3599 perform the work that makes the NYC water supply truly one-of-a-kind, a model for the world to follow.

The rules around overtime and comptime can be confusing.  To boil it down, we have compiled the rules below.  The most important thing to know is whether your title is covered (C) by the Fair Labor

Local 3599 Members:

Your salary history cannot be used against you during the hiring or interview process.  Your compensation should reflect your skills and qualifications, as well as the demands of the position.  Inquiring about salary history during the hiring process often creates a cycle of inequity and discrimination in the workplace, which perpetuates lower salaries specifically for women and people of color.  This is referenced in our annual NYC EEO training, as well as the following resources.


Imagine working your entire career, only to find out that you were never enrolled in the NYC Pension?  Unfortunately, this has been the case for some people facing retirement lately.  

You are not automatically enrolled in the NYC Pension when you begin working for NYC, you have to OPT-IN.  Please ensure that you are aware of your retirement options and responsibilities, and that you plan early.  

Review retirement resources here, at the home of New York City Employees Retirement System.

A grievance is the legal mechanism that represented employees have available to them to ensure that policies and procedures are followed appropriately, including but not limited to compensation.  The grievance process is outlined in the Citywide Agreement as well as the Unit Contract for Scientific & Engineering Titles.  We expect the City to always follow policies and procedures, but we must also be aware of our responsibilities.  Most importantly:

IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDING DAILY HEALTH SCREENING!  DCAS has updated Time & Leave Guidance, effective 1-26-22.

If you DO NOT PASS the daily health screening for any reason, you must not report to work.  You will be granted excused leave, the details of which are outlined here.

BWS ONLY (per Bureau admin 1/3/21):

Members of Local 3599, 

Henry Garrido, the DC37 Executive Director, just sent out the following email regarding the current negotiations that are taking place with regards to the Vaccine Mandates.  Please see below.  Please find a list of the EEO contacts by Agency here


Local3599, President 

Dear Delegates,

If you are a new employee, there are TWO very important steps to ensure you are receiving the appropriate Local 3599 membership benefits:

First, you must enroll with DC37 HERE.  Your local is 3599.

Second, you must complete the DC37 Health & Security Plan Form.

The new NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan for retirees will take effect Jan. 1, 2022.

Please review all relevant information on DC37's Retiree Associaton page.