About Us

We are LOCAL 3599

They say luckily, water flows downhill.  Up to 1 billion gallons per day flow to the residents and visitors of New York City, without more thought than the flush of a toilet or the turn of a knob.  As it turns out, luck has nothing to do with it.  From the shower, the coffee, and the hydrant, to the bagels, the pasta, and the dough, life in New York City relies on the safe and reliable supply of high-quality water.  This only happens because the engineers, scientists, project managers, planners, & land stewards of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection ensure it happens; WE ARE LOCAL 3599!


The objectives of Local 3599 are to improve the representation of our members at all of their geographically-dispersed locations, including information exchange, benefits, employment issues, and any other issues affecting our members as a whole, and to carry out on a local basis the objectives of AFSCME. 


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