Local 3599: NYC DEP Upstate Technical Professional Employees

The executive board of Local 3599 stands in solidarity with the black community, who have suffered and continue to suffer discrimination on both individual and systemic bases.  We encourage our members to be alert, educated, and actively anti-racist.  

The Local 3599 executive board met with DC37 Health & Security administrators on Thursday January 14th to receive a briefing on the status of the DC37- Delta Dental partnership.  The DC37 admin

District Council 37 and the City of New York Announce a No Layoff Agreement for Union Members through June 2021

There are numerous versions of an early retirement incentive circulating through New York State Legislature.  The Senate Bill S2722A appears to have some of the most recent activity.  We support this concept as a mechanism to reduce costs in the citywide payroll budget and thus preventing layoffs down the road.  Details of the incentive would likely include a credit of 1-month for every year of city service.  

Other versions of the idea can be found by researching the following bills in the NYS Assembly: A 10595, A 10897, and A 11089.

Ronell S.H. Bridgemohan was part of the East-of-Hudson Water Quality Field Team before leaving City service to pursue a Master's degree in Florida.  Unfortunately he has contracted neisseria meningitidis (ie. that scary disease that can cross the blood-brain barrier that they warn you about when you’re going to college!).  Through the goodness of the universe, he survived with his vibrant personality intact, however, complications included septicemia and multiple organ failure; heart, lung, kidney, liver. 

Vasopressors and purpura fulminans caused severe damage to his legs, feet and hands. He is currently undergoing daily wound care and limb salvation treatment while still continuing to pursue his graduate education! Despite vigorous wound care and multiple surgeries, doctors were forced to amputate several fingers and part of his left foot leaving him unable to walk.

To aid in his recovery and re-institute his independent mobility we’re collecting donations for his ongoing health care and to get prosthetics.  Please help if you can, it's what we do!

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